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Born in France, Marie Gaboriau has discovered the art of massage and loves her new career in her adopted homeland, Australia!

ACM Graduate Marie Gaboriau was amazed at the healing benefits of massage when it worked wonders for her as a client.

What first interested you about Massage?

I received my first massage about 6 years ago in my homeland, France. A friend of mine, a Massage Therapist, asked me if I would exchange English lessons for massages.

When I completed school I embarked on a degree in the Arts. I finished the last year of that degree in Adelaide, Australia on an exchange program from France. This was really convenient for me as I had an Australian boyfriend who I met in Ireland a few years earlier when we were both travelling. Upon completion of my arts degree I had a niggling pain in my neck as a result of hours upon hours of study. I started having regular massages and I was really impressed with the effects it had on my body - I had a new found love for massage and its healing benefits. I thought about how great the Massage Therapist’s job was and what a great sense of job satisfaction she must receive when she treats clients with results like I was getting.

My whole life I have always been interested in natural therapies but I never thought of it as a career. After completion of my Arts degree I decided I didn’t really want to pursue anything further in that area and I turned my attention to massage.

I came to Australia to live indefinitely with my partner in early 2009 and I was living in the NSW country town, Albury. I saw that ACM had an introductory course running in town and I enrolled to get an insight into the industry. After the two days I knew that massage was the new career I was looking for.

When it came time to enrol into the Diploma I didn’t look anywhere else as the professionalism presented to me in the 2 day course was enough to prove to me that ACM was a leader in the Education of Massage. Also the fact that I could still work whilst I studied was a must for me and ACM gave me that flexibility.

How long have you been massaging?

Almost 2 years.

I started in a spa in France and then I moved to Australia and worked for Endota Spa in Sydney and Melbourne. I am now working in Albury and about to embark on a new adventure in Melbourne!

What do you enjoy most about massaging?

"Massage is truly rewarding. I love making people feel better, in their body and in their soul."

I also enjoy promoting natural therapies as an alternative medicine to western medicine. Massage can treat a varied range of conditions. Along with other therapies it can achieve miracles! The results are almost instant and long lasting with no secondary effects apart from feeling wonderful!

I also love the flexibility a career in massage can offer. The amount of flexibility available means that I can choose where and when I want to work. So whether I’m in Australia or France I still have choices and options.

What was your experience at ACM like?

It was fantastic!

I completed my Cert IV on-campus in Albury and my Diploma on-campus in Sydney. Both teachers were very competent. Their experience combined with their excellent teaching manners made the course very interesting and fun at the same time.

"There was a great mix of theory and practical and the on-campus classes were structured in a way that was easy to follow. I was never bored in class and there was never a feeling of an overload of information either."

I felt fully supported during the whole training. As the course is very flexible I never felt stressed, I could pretty much do everything in my own time.

I also send gratitude to the administration staff in the office. They are always there when I call and are always very helpful. They really make the whole process of enrolling through to completing the course very easy and well supported.

How have your studies at ACM assisted preparing you for working in the massage industry?

I started working as soon as I had achieved my Certificate IV during my Diploma studies. I felt extremely confident about my skills and ready to start working.

In fact I actually secured the first job that I went for! Just like anyone else I was slightly nervous before going for the job interview. When my prospective employer asked me to perform a relaxation massage on them I was absolutely ready for that part of the interview. After I had completed the massage, he told me that he fell asleep and was too relaxed to complete the interview process. He said that he would get back to me the following day and he did and offered me a position. I was thrilled as it was a top class day spa and it had a really nice atmosphere to work in.

"ACM teaches people to become professional therapists with high standards. I still use my ACM manuals today as a reference to help me in my practice."

ACM provides quality training that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the art of massage or even just gaining an insight into the industry.

What advice would you give aspiring massage therapists?

Massage is about helping others but it is also about helping oneself.
Always do what you tell your clients to do!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

My major highlight is Job Satisfaction.

Everyday at work is a great day. I love seeing people walking out of my practice feeling great with a relaxed smile on their face. It is a great feeling to be able to help people.